About Quad

The Patented Quad® Differences:

Easy to use

Super high heat (900°+ cooking temp)

Lasered 18” dia. CR steel cooking surface

Venturi aspiration

Portable/Small foot-print (40 lbs. & fits on a table top)

EZ clean

Multiple cooking styles

Lifetime construction

Fuel Agnostic (Charcoal/Wood)

Professional Grilling with the Patented QuadGrate

Exceptional High Heat 1000°F+ Fast


Asian Grilling





Paella Pan and QuadGrate

Authentic Paella


Pan-Fried Nashville Chicken

Pan-Fried Fish

Chicken Fried Steak

Ultra-High Heat Oven with Baking Stone

Authentic Wood Charcoal Fired Napolitano Pizza

Artisanal Breads

Naan, Pita, & Roti

Our History

Luchi and I brought a lifetime of cooking experiences both professionally and as enthusiasts to the development of Quad® Cooking products. Being lifetime cooking aficionados, outdoor cooking was always an integral part of our lives. Over our 50 years of marriage we have experimented with all manner of outdoor cooking equipment and recipes be it on a homemade pit to cook a whole pig, a caja china, a bep, a gas grill, a kamado, a charcoal smoker, a gas smoker, a turkey fryer, or a candy stove. Our innate food curiosity and Luchi’s Spanish heritage precipitated the purchase of a large paella pan. Our inability to get an even high heat over the bottom surface of the paella pan put us to work. Sensing a commercial opportunity we developed and tested the “Quad®” prototype. We introduced the QuadCooker® on Kickstarter with a very successful campaign achieving 250% of our goal. In late 2018 with US patents (utility and design) and a US registered trademark in hand we redesigned the Quad® utilizing stainless steel, aluminum and a welded frame. Quad® brings a lifetime of artisanal wood fire cooking in one easy to use package.

Ray Palermo, Co-Founder of I COOK WITH FIRE, LLC