Frequently Asked Questions

The top of the grill and the metal parts obviously gets very hot, but the sides remain cool during use.

Please help us by opening and inspecting your shipment within five days of delivery. Do not file a claim with the shipper; we will do so on your behalf. Take photos of the damage to the Quad and both the inside and outside of the packaging. Send an email with your photos and a message to info@quadcooker.com. We will replace the part damaged in shipping at no cost to you.

Yes, QuadGrate comes with a lifetime warranty. All other products have three-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Please read our warranty information for more information.

Quad is U.S.A. imagined designed and handcrafted. We proudly call Atlanta, Georgia our home.

Yes, but we recommend using a cover. It will prevent the QuadBlock from becoming saturated with water. Carbon steel cookware – including the QuadGrate – will rust quickly if left exposed to the elements. We recommend storing your grill and other cookware indoors.

The QuadGrate, wok and paella pan are all carbon steel. Like good cast iron cookware, carbon steel cookware requires seasoning. These are shipped coated in cooking oil to prevent rusting. First, wash the item with hot water and a small amount of dish soap. Next, heat the cookware to thoroughly dry it and open the tiny pores in the metal. Remove from heat and apply a thin layer of cooking oil with a paper towel. Reheat for about ten minutes, burning the oil onto the surface. Remove from heat and reapply oil. Repeat until no black residue appears on the paper towel after wiping. Properly seasoned, your cookware should achieve a shiny black finish. If you scrub your cookware or wash it with soap, you may need to re-season it afterward.

The patented laser cut QuadGrate is the only cooking surface on the market that is constructed from .375” thick CR steel that has been case hardened. Its high heat retention, excellent heat emissivity, very good conductivity (for even temperatures across the entire surface.) make for the gold standard in cooking surfaces.

Never fear high heat with the Quad. Unlike other cookers made from ceramic materials that crack with the high heats generated from wood or large amounts of charcoal high heat will not harm the Quad.

Charcoal (lump or briquettes), or wood but never ever use lighter fluid or match light charcoal. You can use lump charcoal, charcoal briquettes or wood chunks or chips. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Most of the time, we choose high-quality briquettes for their consistency and ease of use. We recommend using a charcoal chimney to light your fuel. You can start your chimney on the fire plate then dump the lit coals in place.

Three ways: ultra-high heat, superior cooking surface in the QuadGrate, and the versatility of multi-cultural cooking styles.