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Professional chefs know what it takes to craft meal masterpieces – high temperatures and superior cooking surfaces. Unfortunately for most home cooks, traditional home grills just don’t cut the mustard. They don’t reach high temperatures, and low-quality grill surfaces mean uneven cooking and poor heat transfer.

If you live to prepare the perfect meal, you’ll love the HEXX, a portable, high-temperature cooker with a premium, ⅜ inch thick grill grate, that lets you create a wide range of mouthwatering meals, anywhere. It’s so easy to use, we know you’ll love it whether you’re a seasoned grilling guru or this is the first fire cooker you’ve ever owned. Grill that perfect gameday steak, deep-fry succulent shrimp, prepare a delicious stir fry, and even cook up an insane paella.

The HEXX will make you a culinary Maestro! And best of all, we’ll be delivering by Christmas! Get in on our special Kickstarter pricing. The HEXX is planned to retail at $299.

“HEXX – Ray’s latest creation! I’m very proud to have a chance to play with one. It’s a portable (25lb) Quad. Runs on less than half a chimney of charcoal and still hits at least 875 F.” — Steve S. (aka BBQ Steve), Atlanta, GA

“F***ing wonderful” — Lou P., Longwood, FL

“I love the cooker. I made steaks on it as my first attempt and my wife said they’re the best steaks she’s ever had, home cooked or not!” — Rafael C., Chicago, IL

Humans from every civilization have cooked with fire throughout history, gathering together in celebrations of life and love, or after a thrilling hunt, to share fire-cooked meals with their closest kin. We all want to celebrate life and share the best of it with our family and friends.

As entrepreneurial foodies and lovers of life, my wife Luchi and I set out to make a better grill. A year ago we created the QUAD, a multi-purpose fire cooker capable of world-class steaks, amazing paella, fire-grilled pizzas and much more. The response was amazing! Home chefs, foodies, and novices alike backed our Kickstarter for a revolutionary, naturally fired grill.

We received hundreds of emails from backers around the nation with photos of the amazing meals they made with the QUAD, and we were inspired to further refine our design and continue to redefine what cooking can be.

This new innovation was sparked by our grandchildren. They loved the delicious food we spoiled them with during our afternoon grilling sessions, but they had one request: MAKE IT PORTABLE!

This has resulted in the HEXX, which you can reserve through Kickstarter at a discount today, and be one of the first to bring char-grilled goodness to your cookouts.

Building on our experience with the QUAD Cooker, Luchi and I went back to the drawing napkin to refine it and make it truly portable.

The HEXX is our solution to bring QUAD quality cooking to the beach, the lake, the ballpark, and anywhere else you crave it. We know foodies are lovers of life, and that means hiking, tailgating, camping and afternoon picnics in the park.

To optimize the QUAD design for portability, we made a few key changes:

  • Reduced the weight by ⅔, to 25 lbs
  • Modified, hexagonal form factor for optimal, 900˚F+ temperatures in a smaller package
  • Added handles for easy portability

But we kept a few things the same:

  • The same high-quality insulative QuadRock crucible, holding in the heat and spreading it evenly over the cook surface so there are no hot or cold spots
  • The same ultra-premium, 0.375” thick case-hardened laser-cut steel grill grate, ensuring heat is distributed evenly and the cooking surface stays hot
  • The same mouthwatering smoky flavors, all at your fingertips

All this means that HEXX delivers the same chef-quality results – from sizzling steaks to mouthwatering brats, amazing seafood, and the best grilled fruits and veggies you’ve ever tasted – in a form factor that can take you anywhere.

We’ve tested the design with backers, and hosted friends and foodies to share in outdoor get-togethers fueled by the HEXX. The response has been amazing, and we’re now ready to share this simple, affordable fire cooker and delicious, heartfelt experiences of family and friends with our Kickstarter community.

If you love to cook, eat, and explore the world through food – hop on board!

Restaurants no longer have an unfair advantage over home cooks in creating truly stunning, mouthwatering meals. The secret: higher heats, better heat distribution, and high-quality cooking surfaces.

The QUAD – and now the HEXX – adds one more ingredient: natural fire.

Higher Heat: Conventional home fired grills max out at about 550˚F. This is simply unacceptable if you want truly great fire-cooked food. You know that delicious golden-brown crust found in restaurant creations that adds the uniquely delicious decadence? This pinnacle of tasty perfection is known as the Maillard reaction,* and it only occurs at super high temperatures – think 900˚F.

Our cookers achieve this heat through a patent-pending proprietary crucible made from a hyper-insulating material, QuadRock. Much of the heat generated in a metal kettle grill is lost through the sides and most of the heat generated in a ceramic cooker is absorbed by the ceramic. QuadRock does not absorb heat created from the fire – instead reflecting it back to the cooking surface.

Heat Distribution: The HEXX, like the QUAD, uses insulating QuadRock technology, a stainless steel firebowl, and an ultra-high quality 3/8″ thick steel grill grate to ensure radiant and conduction cooking. Combined, this keeps the cook surface hot and consistent, regardless of the type or amount of food being cooked.

Natural Fire: At Cooking With Fire we take that literally. All of our cookers are charcoal- or wood-fired. No other fuel can duplicate the flavor you get from a natural open fire. In the past, some have been scared away from naturally-fired cooking because it was more difficult – not so with the HEXX! Our venturi aspiration system amplifies and self-regulates air flow, ensuring a super-hot fire without the fuss of adjusting vents. Just light the coals in a starter chimney, dump them in the crucible, and you’re ready to rock! No waiting, no fiddling, and you’ll be amazed at how long your coals last.

Versatility: One of the awesome benefits of HEXX fire-cooking is the diversity of amazing meals and cultural cuisines one can conjure from a simple force of nature. You can use the HEXX with many of the pans you already own, and it offers three basic configurations:

  • The GRATE (grill) for great steaks, chops, roasted veggies, fish and seafood,
  • The wok for stir-fry, fried seafood, chicken wings, Zeppole, salsa and awesome French fries
  • The paella pan for skillet fried chicken, paella, jambalaya, Nashville chicken, and succulent mussels

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